Web Design

Websites are the storefronts of the world. They are the most efficient way to provide consumers with an insight to your business. At the same time, websites are a direct reflection of your business and most commonly the deciding factor on whether a consumer will give you their business.

The first thing anyone does when searching a business, product or service is visit their website. At this point you have about three seconds to get their attention and make a good impression. Failure to do so could result in your visitor to leave your site and do business with your competitors. The goal is to captivate your audience and convince them your company is the one they should be doing business with.

This is where Onyx comes into the equation. Our job is to create stylish, unique websites that encapsulate our clients essence. We don't just create websites, we build branded portals, which the world can access with ease. We make sure that first impression captures your audience and pulls them in. From there, sleek design and clean organized navigation take your visitors through an enjoyable online experience.


Online Services

Onyx Digital Media is a full online web service provider. We offer website design , branding, marketing and management . eCommerce design and integration. Content management (CMS) allows our clients the ability to update and manage their own sites without the need for a webmaster. Mobile site optimization and design for browsing over all web enabled devices. Social media connection and integration through any social media outlet. Email account setup and website hosting plans.

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Our first independent project. We have come a long way since this site, but fun to be able to look back to see where it all started!