Email & Hosting


If you still use the postal service to deliver your mail and newsletters, you need to wake up and join the 21st century. Email is the best way to get important information to your audience, customers and clients. Email is cost effective, instant and great for the environment. Stop sending emails from your personal Gmail or Hotmail accounts. Onyx can setup professional email accounts for you and your associates These accounts can be configured to your home, office and mobile devices, allowing you to access, send and receive emails anytime anywhere. We can setup email-marketing campaigns that coincide with your social media accounts and create newsletters with organized lists, subscriber deals or coupons, as well as company updates.


Web Hosting

At Onyx we have our own dedicated servers and offer website hosting in cost effective packages that rival any hosting service on the web. We offer a secure and fast hosting with lots of disk space. Onyx compiles routine full site backups once a month to ensure you that your site's safety isn’t being compromised under any circumstance. Hosting is FREE for the first year with new site builds. Join Onyx hosting.

email and website hosting